Monday, June 15, 2009

"Did They Teach You How to Lie Yet?" -- Appendix B: McChrystal's Early Knowledge of Confirmation of Tillman Fratricide

from DoD IG Report Appendix B: Chronology:

from Appendix B: McChrystal's Early Knowledge of Tillman Fratricide Confirmation

Acting DoD IG Gimbler testimony at Waxman 4-24-07 Tillman Hearing:

General McChrystal's Testimony for Jones 15-6:

Note: I find it remarkable that McChrystal's tape recording was the only one "lost" out of about a hundred interviews.

General Abizaid's Testimony for DoD IG Investigators:

General Abizaid Testimony at Waxman's 8-01-07 Hearing:

LTC Bailey Testimony from Jones 15-6 Report:


CSM Birch Jones 15-6 testimony:

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